Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coffee Time

Today I had coffee time with friends.
It was so lovely.

I'm learning about the importance of community, and of sharing time and food and conversation over a table. No cell phones or other electronic devices between us, just face time.

Jesus spent a lot of face time with his disciples. The disciples spent a lot of time in houses with other people, eating together and talking. And Hebrews tells us to not forsake the gathering of ourselves together. (Heb. 10:25)

I was thinking today about some conversations I've had with folks and how iron sharpens iron. We talk and we don't necessarily agree, but we discuss things and it gives me new things to think about and new ideas to examine. I have so much to learn, and discussing and talking with others helps me stay grounded and on the right track. 

It's lonely off on my own. My mind can go in a billion different directions and it develops thought patterns that I get stuck in. I have an idea and my brain thinks about it in the same pattern over and over again. But when I talk to another person about it, it helps my brain develop new pathways of thinking and I'm not carried off into my own little world. The idea has to enlarge to encompass reality.

I've also realized how nice it is to have safe people - people who are healthy emotionally - and who understand some of my background and worldview to talk to and be friends with. I'm all for reaching out to people who may not look like me or think like me, but I think it's balanced to also have friends who do think alike. There's an ease of connection that can be a very good thing. 

I've never been one to think that friends were the most important thing to fill up my time with. I enjoy friends, it is true. But my life doesn't center around worrying about whether I've got a lot of friends, or if I'm in the 'in' crowd. I've been happy to develop deep friendships with my family members. But I think that even with those close friendships with my siblings and parents, it has also been good to have a few friends who I trust and can talk with. Friends who are there for me, who work for the friendship as much as I.

And so I made time to have coffee with friends. 
And it was so lovely.

We can laugh, and talk, and share. 
And it rests me, and sharpens me, and I feel Christ's love.

And I am reminded to be grateful for Christ's friendship. A friend that will not forsake me. A friend who always understands. 

And now to share that friendship with others.

Maybe during some coffee time. 


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