Tuesday, September 21, 2010

As Way Leads On Way

This year has flown past. It began inauspiciously. It has ended in a much different way than I ever imagined. This year I have traveled so much and all of it I certainly didn't plan on in January. First I visited Canada and a new niece. Then I visited Bolivia on a mission trip. Then I moved and began looking for a job thinking my traveling for the year was complete.
 And then one weekend I had this amazing offer:

One month in Israel.
Volunteering at an archeology dig on the Sea of Galilee.
Room and board paid.
Did I want to go?

YES I wanted to go!

So here I am preparing for a month in Israel. During the day I will get my fingers in the dirt and dig into the past of Israel in the town Mary Magdala was from. Weekends and evenings I will have chances to explore the countryside and learn about the present day culture.

This is going to be an amazing journey.

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