Wednesday, September 22, 2010

God Provides

This trip feels very spur of the moment to me. I made a sudden decision to take a month of my life to live and work in Israel...and had one month to prepare. Now I know many people have done more on less time, but for me that was a big step.
And God has provided so much!

First off, I needed some over the ankle hiking boots. I don't usually wear that style, and seeing as I don't have a job currently, I wasn't anxious to spend $80 on a new pair of boots I may or may not wear when I get home.
Then someone unexpectedly decided to pay for a new pair of boots! Praise be!

I took a plunge and decided to use all my savings for this trip.
Then someone decided unexpectedly to pay my airline ticket.

Then I needed some clothing.
I unexpectedly found everything I needed on sale.

I went to meet the ladies I am going with.
I unexpectedly realized that I've served on a mission trip with one of the ladies!

I want to stress that I have not asked anyone for any help. Anything I needed I just prayed about. Everything has been provided without asking anyone to do anything.

God has provided jobs so I could earn what I needed. He has provided sales on things I needed to buy. He has sent friends instead of strangers.

It's just really awesome to sit back and see God working, taking care of everything I was worried about.

So first lesson I've learned for this trip:
God Provides.

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