Friday, February 4, 2011

Keeping Up With The Joneses

I recently had the chance to watch the movie, The Joneses. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this movie, but I've thought about it enough to comment on it...especially after I found our recent newsletter issue from Compassion and noted an advertisement playing off the movie. To find out more, you can go here:

The movie is about a "family" of salesmen who are sent to a suburb to sell the newest, biggest, and best. In order to do this they set up housekeeping and then entice all their "friends" into buying or at least wanting what they've got. In the midst of this they find that love is worth more than stuff.

It really is kind of a shocking way of looking at how commercialism is such a huge thing in America. And how consumer we are.

At the risk of harping on what I learned in Bolivia, I'm going to throw it out there yet again...they live so joyously on so little. And then I feel like I need to complain because of no closet space? Ouch.

Kinda makes you think sometimes.

Kinda makes me think sometimes.

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