Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On Blogging

My poor little blog has suffered for attention lately. Sometimes the adventure of life takes up too much time to blog about it.

Blogging is a  way I think out loud. I've found that I think better when I write. I write all sorts of things. I write prayers. I write thoughts. I write questions. I write notes. I write letters. I write blogs. Thoughts have a way of settling down and making more sense if I put them in black and white.

Blogging is also a good way to see the journey, if I will take time to document the journey. When I look back at old posts I'm sometimes surprised by the pattern of changing thought. Sometimes my blog isn't even on my blog. Sometimes it's in my head, or in my journal. I've got about a million blog posts in my head waiting for their turn to pop out. Some will never make it. Some will be showing themselves soon.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone really listens to my blogs. Is anyone out there? Does anyone even care? And then I realize I'm not really blogging for them. I'm blogging for me. And I'm blogging to express the journey of heart and life and adventure and the twists and turns.

And so I blog on.

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