Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take Up Your Cross And Follow Me

The cross.
Rough hewn. Splinters. Heavy. Deep breath before I try to lift it. It weighs so much more than I. And now to carry this cross on my shoulder down the path set before me. At first it is easy. The way is pleasant. I can walk, run, even dance all while carrying the cross. There are beautiful places to pass through. But slowly, the way begins to change. The path becomes trecherous, steep. I can barely breathe as I climb the hill which becomes a mountain. Dragging, holding on with all my might to the cross. Gasping for breath in the thin oxygyn. Splinters in my hands. Muscles crying out.
At the top finally, the cross disappears. I'm weightless. I'm flying. I'm surrounded by light.
But actually, I've just gained the strength to carry on.

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