Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It Really Is A Wonderful Life

I was thinking today that it really is a wonderful life.
I don't deserve it. God's grace and love has been abundant.

I was thinking particularly about all the dreams I've had that came true.
And all the things I never dreamed that came true, too.

Things like places I wanted to visit, things I wanted to do.
And things like good friends who encourage, and unexpected small things that make me happy.

My family is a huge part of the wonderful life. Especially my Dad and Mom.

So many unexpected happinesses. And you know, it's really small things that often show me that God is there and that He loves me.

Flowers from a giggling little girl.
A pen that flows just right from my boss.
Noticing the yellow flowers against the drab background of winter.
A bird nest in a tree.
Sun shining.
Rain on the roof of my car.
Hugs and kisses from a little brother.
The coolness of a special drink on a hot day.

It's all good.

Thinking of all these good things, and all the lovely things makes me realize how overwhelmingly wonderful this life is. And it makes me remember that I must share this love with others.

I've run into so many people who have things so much worse than I. I'm so incredibly well off compared to so many people. And it makes me want to reach out my two little hands to help them, and it makes my heart ache for them. Some how, some way I've got to show Christ's love to them, some how some way show them a bit of heaven.

Because then it will truly be
A really wonderful life.


  1. You do, and you show it to others in your warm smile and loving heart. It does show. :)

  2. This is a very postitive and uplifting post. It helps make one realized how blessed we truly are. Hope all is well with you and that you are continuing to be blessed!