Sunday, August 21, 2011

Inner Drive

I wish I could accurately describe the inner drive that keeps me going. The inner drive that propels me forward. The inner drive that won't let me back down, or turn from things that scare me. The inner drive that makes the impossible possible.
The name of the inner drive is
Jesus Christ.

Because I know Jesus Christ, and because I have allowed Him to live in my heart and soul, I have the desire to change and grow and become more like Christ every day. Once I accepted Him, I couldn't deny Him. Once I accepted Him, I couldn't not listen. I couldn't say no to what He was asking me to do.

Christ is in my heart and soul and He has to shine out. He has to use me to shine out. And I must let him. It's a glorious, sparkling, amazing mystery.

The Christ in me is the inner drive that keeps me going.
To do everything.

Like face my greatest fear. Last year I faced my greatest fear and it ended up changing my life. Forever!

Like give up my greatest dream. The Lord speaks, and I follow. I can give up my dreams because His are better.

Like keep on with steel determination in impossible situations. Christ drives me to keep going, to not give up, to keep loving the impossible people.

Like accept changes as they come. Change is so difficult to welcome. But Christ is ever present and unchanging.

Like travel to unknown places. Physically, and spiritually.

Like work with excellence on the task that is before me today.

I'm still not really satisfied that I've really described the feeling inside me that won't let me go. It doesn't force me to do things, but it asks and I can't deny because I love my Jesus. And I know that feeling is His Voice.

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