Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Blog

Life has been a crazy rush lately.
But in between work and study, trips and appointments, I have had one or two thoughts I wanted to blog to remember later.

And so I shall blog.

But first, another little item on blogging.

I used to spend Sunday afternoons napping and resting in my room, with a big purple notebook handy. It was the day for journaling and thinking about the past week reflecting on life. It was a quiet time with me and my Lord, taking moments to be quiet and listen.

Nowadays, my blog has become that purple notebook of sorts. In the afternoons I like to write and blog. Sometimes it's reflecting the week, sometimes it's just thoughts that I've been mulling over.
But I'm not sure how I feel these days about blogging vs journaling. My journal is paper, with ink and the reality of handwriting. You can feel it, and experience it. There's something to turning the pages and hearing the crinkle.

My blog is like an open book on a screen. It feels private because it's so quiet around here. But all you have is a mouse in your hand as you scroll down the page. A typo is more irritating because it lacks the character of handwriting. And any readers that happen along would never recognize my handwriting.

So I'm mulling over my blog a bit, and whether I like the blogging vs journaling. Maybe I'll go back to my journal. Maybe I'll keep up my blog. Either way, I like having the record of thoughts and feelings hidden and unhidden. I like to go back and read through the last year and think about what has happened in my life.

Either way, I write.

And now on to more blogging.

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