Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 Minutes

I have 5 minutes before time to move to the next thing. 5 minutes for a blog post!

Some things I've been happy about:

  • A new Spanish/English Bible. Hopefully this will help my Spanish!
  • The last days of a really fun job. I've enjoyed it so much, and hate to see it end. 
  • Friends who call and text and go on coffee dates. :) 
  • Mom time. She's my bestie.
  • Time to just sit and swing on the porch.
  • Answers to prayers, and sitting back to see them happen. Always so cool.
  • A particularly satisfying project being completed.
  • Sunny days that I get to enjoy outside! I love my job!
  • The grace of God that transcends everything. 

I'm praising Jesus for the strength He gives, the love He offers and the assurance that He will always be with me.

Thanks be to God.

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