Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Have You Seen?

"How have you seen God today?"
I pause, eyebrows frowned in thought as I consider the day, the moments that passed almost unconsciously, thinking of incidents and mind photographs of the day. Snapshots of time flash before my minds eye.
The laugh of a little student when I called her "Señora". The kind greeting of the man next door who is the school janitor. Chatter and laughter at lunch with Cisia, my co worker and friend. I see each face and think of each person all in a moment.

"How have you seen God today?"
Today it was in the provision of sending help at the moment I needed it. Today it was in the hug of a friend. Today it was in a surprisingly gruff remark from an unexpected place. And yes, a gruff remark can show me God. Sometimes I need a gruff remark directed at me.

I wish I had thought to journal this every day I was away. I wish I had thought to look for and write and record how I saw God each day. But I can look back and remember, and look back see moments I saw God. And I try to capture them with words now, so later I can again remember and see it afresh.

And perhaps now is the perfect time to begin a daily journal of how I see God each day. He is ever present. I just need to have the eyes freshly opened and clear to see Him.

How have you seen God today?

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