Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Step By Step Guide To Directing A Wedding

Steps to directing a wedding.

  1. A week before, create detailed schedule of events and include info on who, what, and where. 
  2. Begin packing and making lists of everything to take with you to the wedding site.
  3. Rise early and attack the shopping for all the wedding food on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Stop for coffee with Mom.
  4. Prepare and organize the last details of various decor projects and pack car.
  5. Stop and have Thanksgiving dinner with family!
  6. Rise early on Friday and go to three different places to cut greenery for decorating the church. Bag, and somehow fit everything into the car, with space remaining for three people. Be sure the Ipod has some battery life!
  7. Pack a lunch, or grab all the Thanksgiving leftovers.
  8. Drive two hours to the wedding site, jamming out to various musical selections by your 16 year old sister. Including headbanging at a stoplight. Never going to see those folks again, anyway.
  9. Arrive the wedding site, collect the key, and eat lunch. 
  10. Move tables and arrange seating and serving areas in the reception hall. Do some massive cleaning.
  11. Iron tablecloths on a makeshift ironing board. Listening to the Beatles helps. 
  12. Sort out table decorations and start putting together what goes where. Meanwhile, more folks arrive and start decorating cupcakes and cutting veggies and working on food. Party time!
  13. Get sisters started on decorating the sanctuary. Delegation and letting go is a beautiful thing.
  14. Direct traffic for where things are going and what needs to be done. Find various bits and pieces needed, and an extension cord for the kitchen.
  15. Keep an eye on the time so everyone will have a break to rest before rehearsal.
  16. Finish all tablescapes and check bathrooms.
  17. Call a break for everyone and begin dressing for rehearsal. Remember that you forgot to bring shoes. 
  18. Go over ceremony seating with the ushers. Work with Dad on directing the flow.
  19. Shut things down and help lock up so everyone can go to dinner. 
  20. Play musical chairs at dinner as you try to talk to everyone there. Discover you feel a cold coming on.
  21. Back to the church with a couple of sweet helpers to finish cleaning up and put finishing touches on things. No stopping till its all done, but with help it doesn't take long!
  22. Back to the hotel, only to find that an important document was left at the church. Back to the church to search for that, only to find it was in my suitcase all along, in my car. Back to the hotel, where I went to bed.
  23. Wake early and roll over and go back to sleep.
  24. Wake again, and give letters to the bride that everyone wrote to her as a wedding day surprise.
  25. Begin dressing.
  26. Go get breakfast for my sister and grab some for me, too.
  27. Begin the hair and nail operation for the bride. Turned out great!
  28. Pack up the luggage to check out of the hotel, and head to the church.
  29. Arrive at the church and double check lots of odds and ends, take a few pictures with my camera.
  30. Help bride dress and prepare for photography time.
  31. Corral all the appropriate people in the sanctuary for photos. With two big families, that can be quite the feat!
  32. Eat a quick lunch.
  33. Start keeping an eye on the time as people start coming. Freshen up hair and makeup for the bride.
  34. Reassure kid brother usher that he knows what to do and where people go.
  35. (More pictures)
  36. Cue the grandparents to be seated.
  37. Cue the music and candle lighting.
  38. Cue the mothers to be seated.
  39. Cue the groom to enter.
  40. Sit and be thankful for a kind soul who thoughtfully put kleenex on my pew.
  41. And they're married! Let the party begin!
  42. Greet everyone at the reception and circulate, answering questions and making people feel welcome. Meanwhile, eat a cupcake.
  43. Gather grandparents in the sanctuary for more photos.
  44. Laugh and talk with people you haven't seen in way too long.
  45. Coordinate the bouquet toss! Hooray!
  46. Direct folks outside for the bride and grooms exit. Everyone has bubbles to blow, and with three hip hip hoorays, the bride and groom prepare to leave.
  47. Watch as dozens of balloons are emptied from the truck and then popped by eager children. 
  48. Announce for everyone to take cupcakes home with them!
  49. Eat a cupcake.
  50. Say goodbyes.
  51. Begin directing clean up. Everything back in place, ready for Sunday. 
  52. Make sure key is turned back in.
  53. Drive my brother to the hotel to pick up his wife and daughter. 
  54. Go to dinner.
  55. Drive home.
  56. Unpack cars and van.
  57. Collapse into bed. 

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