Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lists of Joys

I've been told at least three times lately, during a tough time, that I should continue to look for and make lists of the joys, the hidden gifts, the glad things that God has given in my life. I try to do this visibly over on A Thousand Hidden Gifts but it isn't quite the same as writing a list. I'm a big one for lists, and enjoy writing them, even if it is to just tick off everything I've accomplished. Or just to remember things. So I shall remember the past couple of days and list the joys.

  • Standing around the living room, singing "Farther Along" a cappella.  Music filling the space, music blending beautifully on our faces. 
  • Dear friends who check on me, offer prayers for me, and send me hugs through all sorts of means. Dear friends who love, even when they don't understand. 
  • Pink to delight my soul. 
  • A book that has brought much conviction and insight. It hurts to read at times, but it is the type of hurt that burns away and refines. Ultimately a good thing, and joy if I allow it to be.
  • A new coffee cup that is blue with a red initial. From my Dad, just because. Filled with hot tea, it brings comfort. 
  • Written prayers for when I need help praying in a thoughtful manner. And people who take time to pray them with me. 
  • Golden, scarlet sunsets, with lacy trees to silhouette. Or pink and purple ones that fade to pale blue, to deep indigo. Indigo silence, that darkens until a glow of diamonds with a pearl to crown them all. 
  • The scent of an orange candle, burning next to me as I study. I love candles on dark days. 
  • The skinny long pinecones that I spray painted white when they were wet and cold, but once inside the warm, dry house they suddenly opened and became wide, fat ones. Amazing.
  • A new perfume I enjoy all day. Delights my senses.
  • Facebook comments in Spanish from Bolivian friends. 
  • Dancing, and introducing friends to the joy of dancing, too!
  • The gang hitting McDonalds at midnight, causing the night staff to have to scramble, and then eating, laughing and lingering over french fries and Dr. Peppers. 
I am working on many things, but one thing is recognizing joy. Here. Now. Its all around if I just notice it, recognize it and invite it. 

Thank you Jesus for bringing the recognition of these joys into my heart and mind. May I always find joy, and recognize Your Love through them. Amen.

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