Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Call

A calling. An almost ambiguous term to describe the indescribable urge placed in our hearts to accomplish a certain task or lifework. It's a tug that is more than just a tug. It's an inescapable compelling command that we must acknowledge or live a miserable existence.

A calling. A calling that is from God, whispering in our hearts, and sometimes shouted from the rooftops for our ears alone. Even though (as with everything from God) you have a choice, you can't get away from it. When you wake up, it's there. When you go about your everyday business, it peeps at you from behind the ordinariness. When you go to sleep, it's in your dreams. It's the click that makes everything fall into place and makes you the most satisfied and fulfilled as a person.

It's in your heart. It's waiting for discovery. God is speaking to you about what He has created you to do, about why you're here on this planet and all you have to do is look for it and act on it. God's call is not something to be ignored. It is not something to be dabbled in to trifled with. It is a force that must be reckoned with and He is gently asking you, irrisistably drawing you toward the potential He has placed in you.

How will you respond to this call? How will you act toward it? Will you surrender your ideas and feelings, or will you stubbornly continue on your own miniscule way?

The call is different for each person. Each one has something as unique as they are to accomplish and work toward. Each one is equally important.

The call is like the trumpet blast of the bugler, ordering a charge! in the heat of battle. It's a call to action, a call to faith, a call to moving forward. The kingdom of God is not static. It is constantly moving. It is a violent assault which requires work and alertness to win.

The trumpet has sounded. The charge has been ordered. And you must respond to the call. You must act on what is required. You must help win the kingdom.

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