Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Life is hard.
Complaining is easy.

But there are many things for which to be thankful. Instead of spending time thinking about what I am anxious about, I thought it was high time I posted some happies.

Maybe not a thousand of them today, but I'm going to start a list and see where it takes me.

Things to be Happy About
Lists-I love them so much
Little Girls with sea shells and salt water taffy
A friend who prays
Sunshine after several rainy days
A working lawnmower
Cherry Limeades at happy hour
Rosemary scent on my hands
Purple shoes
Hot dogs on sale- just time for a bonfire tomorrow!
Blackberry Cobbler scented candle that made me hungry all day
Cotton blooming in fields
Goldenrod shining in the sun
A little love note in my notebook from a sister
Leftover Cajun sweet potatoes for supper
The perfect song on the radio
A stranger's kindness
A bit of beauty tucked away in my heart

Quite a list when I get going! :)
More coming soon to a blog near you!

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