Friday, September 16, 2011

Hat Day

Today feels like a hat day.
Not that my hair is misbehaving, but it's a really cute hat, and with some cooler temperatures, it just feels like a good day to make a fashion statement.

I've got a cup of coffee in one hand, my school books nearby, and I'm settling down to a day of writing. But before I start on the scholastics, I wanted to do a bit of blogging.

I'm feeling high as a kite and happy as a lark today. Fall is coming! I detest cold and being cold, but I love the fall colors and smells. Apple pie in the oven, the smell of fallen leaves, candles burning. My fingers are itching to get the camera out to document some of these beauties.

Today Mom and I are going to pull out our fall decorations and cozy up the house. If it doesn't happen soon it won't happen at all, and fall decorating is our favorite time of year. We like things like

fall foliage
little pumpkins
dried okra

Things that make the house smell good, and feel cozy and warm.
And I like old quilts and antique rolling pins, and iron skillets.

Which reminds me: ya'll should check out this blog:  Sugarpie Farmhouse. I love her decorating each season.

I like to say that Mom can make a home out of a cardboard box. She does it each time we move (which is frequently). And she taught me how to make a house (even an ugly one) into a home. Mom and I like to decorate seasonally, changing things out and moving things around to keep it interesting. And I like it that Mom doesn't use the bland decorator objects found in your local decor aisle. We use things that mean something to us. Family heirlooms, bits and pieces from places we've been, or things that we love. It makes our lives beautiful.

Making our home beautiful makes our hearts happy.

Thanks Mom.

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  1. I also awoke today thinking, "My hair is awful; I should wear a hat to conceal it." Then I realized it'd be sorta of out-of-place for both: A. The office. B. Me.

    But that I did not don my large straw cowboy hat is to everyone's loss.