Thursday, October 27, 2011

:Bounce Bounce:

Today has been a beautiful day. A few happy thoughts:

The colors of fall foliage. I think we're hitting a peak this week. I've enjoyed all the colors: purple, red, orange, yellow, and all sorts of shades in between with some green thrown in for contrast. My camera has been silent, but maybe tomorrow I can go on a hunt from some fall photographs.  Ever notice how beautiful colors are? Not just this time of year, but all the time? I always notice different shades and color combinations. This afternoon it has misted a bit and brought out all the colors even more richly. It's a beautiful, gorgeous world God is coloring for us. The artist in me loves it.

Flowers on my desk. More beautiful colors (red and yellow mums!). I love having flowers on my desk. I often pause to appreciate them.

A new Pandora radio station. I enjoy music going quietly through the day. Since I'm generally pretty alone, it helps to have some going. I have a new station that I'm enjoying. Claude Debussy may or may not be involved. And then I switched to salsa for a while. Complete with commercials in Spanish! :)

Pink grapefruit juice. Oh how I love grapefruit. Not quite the time of year...but a glass of goodness will tide me over. And it's pink! Who could resist!

Psalm 107:1-7. I typed it out for the bulletin today. It spoke to my heart and helped me realize how great God is.

Leftover pizza. Yummyness.

Purple scarves. I've got an extra long one on today and someone told me there was more scarf than girl. Made me laugh.

I'm thinking about not just blogging my happies, but journaling them everyday, too. Today I kept a list going whenever I noticed something. It was a good way to focus on things I am enjoying. God gives many gifts. I just have to notice them.

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