Saturday, December 10, 2011

Enveloped In Mystery

This photo was taken yesterday morning. There was such a thick fog, but the sun was glimmering through. It enveloped everything with a golden light that shone through the shroud of mystery and quiet of the fog.
I can't help but think of my life and how often my pathway seems to be shrouded and enveloped with fog. But the sun glimmers through, bringing rays of light and soon warms things up until it's all crystal clear.
A hope to remember and watch for.

I am grateful for the sun that cuts through the fog.
I am grateful for the beauty of the hope that shines, magnified through the mystery.
I am grateful for a lens that catches the hope and makes it tangible.


  1. That is what Advent teaches us, Sweetheart. There is a fog, a clouded glass, through which to see. But there is the glimmer of the sun cutting through. We await the clarity and the fulfillment of promise. But for now we hope and dream and believe. And inch through the fog to the promise fulfilled. I am so proud of you, Sweetheart.