Thursday, December 1, 2011



Communion. The Great Thanksgiving.
For what?

Crusty brown bread. Sweet, fermented wine.
Celebrating a death and a resurrected life. Celebrating a death with a death, like this:
Bread, the body of Christ. Broken for me, for you.
Bread, yeasty and tasting of wheat.
Wheat which was ground up. Sifted.
Wheat from a berry thrown on hard, cold ground and left to die. Wheat lying silent and alone. Seeds die in order to live.
Wheat in us that brings life and wholeness and nourishment to our bodies and lives.
Christ in us. The bread represents Christ. It somehow becomes Christ in us. The bread of life. Life to body and soul.
Wine, the blood of Christ. Spilled, crushed, for me, for you.
Grapes. Ripe and purple and juicy.
Crushed. Crushed by the weight of a thousand pounds of stone, crushing out the life.
A thousand sins crushing out the life. Left to ferment in the dark. And why?
And every time we eat bread, and drink wine we remember.
Bread, an everyday necessity.
Wine, the most common drink of all.
Remember. Remember every day. Remember when you taste it. Remember when you eat.
Remember and give thanks.

Eucharist. Thanksgiving.
The Great Thanksgiving.

Give thanks for death? Give thanks for pain? Give thanks for these things? Pain that leads to a gain that is greater. Death for something that is more powerful.
Give thanks for...dying, every day?
We participate in His death by our own daily dying.

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