Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Release

I'm fascinated by this photo.
I love how the seed is hanging on, but just about ready to fly away...into it's own adventure, to begin it's life as  it's own dandelion.

It can be a difficult thing, to begin a journey of life. An aventura de la vida. There are fears to be faced, steps to be taken, rocks to navigate, and then hopefully, finally, the smooth and pleasant places.

Just as the seed is ready to release, a breeze comes and sweeps it away. It dances on the breeze until it finally rests someplace, and sets about to do what dandelions do.

Which is bloom where it's planted, and then spread seeds so more dandelions can come forth.

In this journey of life, this pathway, there is only one sure thing.
That God is in control, that God is speaking into my life, that God will send the breeze to send me whither He wishes. And that He will give the strength and the opportunities to do what Christians do. Which is bloom where they're planted and then spread the gospel so more Christians can come forth.

The reason for this aventura de la vida.

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