Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Average Day On An Archeology Dig

I thought ya'll might like to see the average day for me here, while participating in the archeology dig.

4:30 Alarm rings if we're not already awake from the loud street noise.

5:15 We're in the van on the road to the dig. It's about maybe 10 minutes away.

5:30 First breakfast. We eat cereal out of goblets, bread and jam, and orange juice. Then 2 folks clean up while the rest head for the work site, just a short walk.

6:00 We collect our buckets from the store house. We each of three buckets and 3 different picks, etc to use as well as 2 kinds of brushes. These all have our names on them and we are responsible for them. We start working in our square which is about 5'x5' I figure. We stay in our square because we know what we found where and where to dig carefully and so forth. Each square is assigned East and North numbers and every day we have to register the finds on little cards and keep a journal of what we did in the square that day.

10:00 Second Breakfast. This time we add a few sandwich items to the cereal and orange juice.We rest for about 30 minutes.

10:30 Back to work. Again, 2 stay behind to clean up. I have Thursdays with Roseaura.

12:00 10 minute break to drink water and rest for a minute.

1:30 Clean up and time to come back to the guest house. We get back and I've started changing or at least taking off shoes and socks and taking a short nap before lunch. This has really helped since the sleeping as been all off for me.

2:30 Lunch. This is usually a substantial hot meal with meat.

Free Time! Because of some stuff going on with money, some extra workers were let go. So we have to mark pottery in the afternoons. We did that today. I understand that next week they've put together a new schedule of four people marking while the rest dig in the mornings. That way they won't have to bring the pottery back with them.

8:00 Supper. This is usually salad (ie chopped vegetables), hot meat and a side.

9:30-10:00 Bed time!

Today in my square I uncovered some big rocks. This has caused great discussion about whether it's a wall or something that fell or a sub flooring. So tomorrow we'll make sure to dig around them so we can see what it is.

The big find of the day was a perfect top to a perfume bottle. It's kind of a greenish colored glass and everyone was very excited. 


  1. That's a bit too early for me to wake up!

  2. That's so awesome! I was hoping you'd post more details about your work to satisfy curious minds. :) I'm going to have my student look at your blog too!