Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today's Adventure

Today was an interesting day. We went and worked this morning. We had a good day. I found a handle that was still one piece! Not much, but I thought that was exciting. I was the helper to clean up after breakfast and breakfast 2, washing the goblets we eat cereal from. It lends a lot of class to breakfast to eat from a goblet!

After work we went to Tabgtha where one of the seven freshwater springs flows into the Kinneseret where there is a waterfall. It felt so good after the hot day to get under the water- it was so cold!
Then on the spur of the moment we decided to go to the mineral water hot springs. They had a big pool inside and outside which was warm (but not very hot) and then a cold pool to cool off in. It was salty water. It felt very good and made my muscles feel at lot better after all the work. We might go to another hot springs that is a sulfur springs another day.

Most of the team here is from Mexico and several are helping me with my Spanish. Elias is one and he told me to ask him anytime if I have questions about Spanish word...he doesn't know just how many questions I can ask!! They are being very nice and polite and seem like a big family. Elias is a baby of the family if that tells you anything Rachel.

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