Sunday, October 10, 2010

Be It Ever So Humble....

I'm not sure I would call this home, but this is the street where I live...:) All I want is a room somewhere. :)
Any way, I thought ya'll might like to see where I'm staying. This is a view of the courtyard. We park to the left of the church on the left side. It's a Melkite Catholic Church. There's just room for three cars to park there. See those steps near the red wall? I go up those steps and around to my room.

The table is where we eat all our meals. To the right in the little lean-to is a kitchen area.

And here you can see the cars... the little black one is the rental one we use. We ride those vans to the work site everyday.

This morning I went up on the roof and could see this view:

There is some street noise, but nothing like I experienced in Bolivia!!

Most all the houses are white. And built on top of each other like this!

Looking down at the dining area. After supper most folks take their laptops out there to do their thing.

We open and close this gate faithfully to keep the watch dog in. It's some kind of boxer and was ferocious at first.

And this is toward the Sea this morning.

Here's a funny story about the dog. I don't have a picture of him, but will try to get one later so you can see him. It's big. And loud. And ferocious. And kept on a chain during the day. But at night he's loose in the enclosed gate to guard. It's been very warm, so last night Lorna and Pam decided to leave the door open to get some air. They closed a gate between us and everything else and we went to bed. (I was already asleep when they did this). Suddenly during the night I wake up to hear the tingle of dog collar and clicking of nails and the dog was in our room. Not being mean, but in poking around! I woke up and started saying loudly, get out! Get out! NOW! And he scuttled out. I went and shut the door thinking it was left open by mistake.

Later on it happened again. I shooed the dog out and then realized that they had left the door open on purpose. I pulled it to so the dog wouldn't come in again.

Tonight we're fortifying the gate so he can't get in.


  1. Looks like an interesting place to be. I am glad you are having a good time. Nothing could be better than reading the Gospels and watching the sun come up over the Sea of Galilee!

  2. What are those shops across the street? Is your street just shops and the church or do people live there, too.

    You've never lived in a gated community before. lol I feel better that you have the wee dog!

  3. Ha. Wee dog my foot. Maybe I can post a pic of him tomorrow. There are actually two dogs. A little one which is the nicest dog I've ever met, and then this big one. But now he likes me and follows me around quietly, so I'm not afraid of him...much. :P