Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pen and Ink

Just a few photos from today. Rosaura and Fernanda and I marked pottery today because my square was getting photographed. Here are a few photos from that:

There are piles and piles and piles of pottery to mark. Before December!
And then they have to draw the pieces they marked. Amazing.

This was the big excitement today: A floor was discovered! The flooring style is definitely 1st century. Not sure what it is yet, but they'll be finding out soon!

Anton (I was telling you about him Mom) "May the guardian angels and good winds be with you!" is his greeting. :)

My square in it's present state. Maybe tomorrow I can dig deeper! And find a treasure!

This afternoon Lorna and I went to Capernaum and saw what they call Peter's house. I'm not positive that it is. This is actually a church they built on top of Peter's house in the 4th century. The foundations are from 1st century.

Mosaic from the church.

Capernaum where Jesus lived and walked, breathed and ate, healed and talked.

A HUGE synagogue. It's not the 1st century one, but the foundations are from the 1st century. So it's on top of the one that Jesus taught at.

This pillar is heart shaped because synagogues always use heart shape pillars for strength. It also indicates that there was a second floor to this synagogue!

After Capernaum, we went back to Tabgtha and sat in the cave. I read my Bible and gazed at the Sea as the sun began to go down. So lovely.

Lorna and I before we head back to the city.

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