Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hello From Israel

Here I am safe and sound in Israel! My laptop doesn't have much battery left, so this one will be a quickie.

Today we had a day to rest before we start work tomorrow. We made it relaxed and drove part way around the Sea of Galilee. We stated at the church of loaves and fishes where Jesus is said to have fed the 4,000. Then we went a very short way to a cave in the side of a hill overlooking the sea and where the fishermen fished and washed their nets. We walked down to the shore and waded a bit, and then went on to Capernaum. Then we crossed the Jordan and waded there for a few minutes, too. The water was cold!
Then on to Kursi where it is said that Jesus cast the demons out of the man and into the swine. Also where he fed the 5,000. Then we went up on a hill and saw the Roman city of Decapolis which they have been excavating for 11 years. You can see so much of the city! I walked on the Roman street which was paved with stone squares.

Now we're taking showers before bed and getting ready to start digging tomorrow!

Here I am this morning in front of the Sea of Galilee. This is the spot where Jesus supposedly called the disciples. The little line of rocks out into the sea is where a harbor was, and seven springs empty into the sea there. That is where fishermen fish (even today) and wash their nets in the fresh spring water.