Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some Photos

These three pictures are of the Sea of Galilee (the sea from now on). On the top is a view looking across towards the West side of the sea. Magdala and Tiberias would be on that side. Under that is a view of the South end of the Lake. Above is one of the North end of the lake. I am standing on a hill/mountain that used to have a Roman city. Nearby is where the pigs ran into the sea after Jesus sent the demons into them.

This is the first century synagogue in Magdala, now known as Migdal. 

About the middle and towards the right side of the inside square they found a box with a menorah carved just like the one in the 2nd temple. They have now removed it for preservation. This building was very small! I can't get over how small they were, but then I am used to big American houses.

This is some of the mosaic from the synagogue. Jesus may have stepped here!

The Sunrise this morning when I arrived at the archeology dig site. It was beautiful!

I didn't take any pictures of the dig today, but will hopefully get to do that in the next day or two! I needed to work and figure out what I was doing today. But don't worry, pictures coming soon!

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