Monday, January 30, 2012

I Made A Discovery!

I made a discovery this week!

I've been wishing I could figure out a way to listen to Scripture while at work. Then when I was searching for a Bible verse while working one day, I figured out that Biblegateway will read the Bible to you! And what's even better, in a British accent! And it will read continuously, so you don't have to choose each chapter or verse to listen. It'll read straight through until you stop it.
Today I listened to James. Twice.

I've been less disciplined than I should be with my Bible reading lately. Part of it is sheer laziness, because it's cold in the morning when I usually read my Bible, and it's tough to get out of the warm cocoon of my bed. Part of it is my schedule has been pretty full, so its really easy to push aside reading the Bible for more 'important' things. I realized that this was really a terrible state to be in, so that added to my excitement when I found a way to still get some Bible time in. I'm not so auditory that hearing it sticks as well as reading it, but it's definitely better than nothing, and I've enjoyed taking a few minutes (or hour) to listen to Psalms or another section of the Bible. Even if I'm not catching every word, I like that it's in the background entering my mind and heart subconsciously. And while it's playing, if I catch something interesting I take time to go and read that section as well as another way to remember it.

I was so excited, I thought I'd share my great discovery.

It's really the small things in life that excite me most. :)

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