Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Life Of Thankfulness

I've been thinking lately about how to adopt a lifestyle of thankfulness. You may have noticed the twitter feed on the right that frequently mentions what I am grateful for. I want to notice and identify how I see Jesus coming, and the many gifts and blessings that exist in my life. Some days it feels that there are none, and that it's been a blank, a hardness for as far back as I can remember. Then I look back at the list here and in my journal and remember the truth. The truth is that there are many blessings in my life. The reality is that there is plenty of goodness and grace brought into my way. By taking a moment to share this, it helps me remember continually to look for what God is doing, and to be thankful.

Thankfulness is recognizing what you have, and appreciating that. It's a necessary part of being contented, and contentment leads to real happiness. Thankfulness is looking deeper, beyond the surface and finding the intangibles, the important things to be noticed and remembered and shared.
Thankfulness is an exercise that should be practiced often, and I have found as I practice it becomes easier and easier to continue.

Thankfulness is something I will be thinking on for the next little while. Perhaps there will be more blog posts coming on this subject.

Meanwhile, I am thankful.

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