Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I just want to praise my God and Creator and share some of the beautiful things He does.
He heals. He heals my friends of their fears and their cancer! He heals hearts. He heals minds. He heals feelings!
He provides. He provides comfort and peace, joy and love. He provides when it seems all is lost, and exactly on time.
He gives beautiful gifts. Pink and purple sunsets, streaked with gold. Rain, to bring refreshment to revitalize. Friends in unexpected places, coffee to tantalize with scents and tastes. He gives life, full and vibrant!
His works are many and varied, ever present and always there. And I am trying to notice them more and more, letting His works and love consume me inside and out, fill me with awe, and bring me back to His feet.
It's a beautiful life, it's a wonderful world. I praise Him.

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