Saturday, January 7, 2012

Steel Determination

Steel determination.

The words echo in my mind. Steel determination to do the right thing, no matter what. A determination that has the strength of steel, the strength of tough resolution. The nerve to carry through, the fortitude to withstand the fiercest conflict. A steel determination that cannot be manipulated or broken or softened.

Steel determination to make it to the end. This is what is needed today, tomorrow, and every day we are faced with seemingly impossible situations or ideas or conflicts. We must carry the determination to do the right thing, to never lose sight of the bigger picture, to continue the fight to the win.

Determination is when you grit your teeth and keep on even when it takes all your strength and more. It's when the pain burns and yet you keep on going. It's when the blood starts to pool and yet you keep on fighting. Determination is making a decision and sticking to it.

The picture in my mind is when I grit my teeth, take a deep breath and push as hard as I can until the object is achieved.

Somewhere within us we can find that steel determination to accomplish with integrity what is before us. Somewhere within us God gives us the strength that would otherwise be impossible, and the fortitude to carry it out. If it is right, if it is good, if it is just and if it is noble, there is a way to accomplish, to win, to triumph.

Steel determination is what is needed. Strength. Resolve.

Strong words that mean nothing without action. And action is only wanting the steel determination to make it through.

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